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Mock Gateway

The mock gateway and mock components, located in backend/mock allow testing and development of features without relying on dependencies such as third-party providers. This is especially useful for fine-tuning the UI or demoing features that include destructive capabilities.


In order for a component to be used in the mock server, there must be a corresponding mock implementation.

Mock services can be found in backend/mock/service.


The mock gateway consumes a regular Clutch backend config with mock components registered instead of the real components. See backend/mock/gateway.go.

This is most commonly done in the form of mocked services since all external dependencies are generally hidden behind services.

It's also possible to run with a mix of real and mocked components by including both in the list of components passed to the gateway's Run function.


See Local Build Requirements.

Running the Mock Gateway#

make dev-mock will compile and start the mock server on localhost:8080 and a hot-reloading frontend on localhost:3000.