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Clutch ships with an extensible frontend and backend that makes building maintainable workflows and features easy. We're not done yet though! Some of our ideas for the near future of Clutch are listed here.

Platform Improvements

Asynchronous Tasks
Long-running or asynchronous tasks are a normal part of safely performing infrastructure maintenance. Clutch will track, execute, and report on jobs originating from Clutch workflows.
Remote Execution
Safely run diagnostic commands across a cluster or set of resources.
Additional Gateways
Access Clutch APIs from other interfaces, e.g. the command-line or a Slackbot.
UI Design System
Put UI development on rails and ensure a consistent user experience.
API / CLI Eject
Show corresponding CLI command and/or API call to user for replay and documentation purposes.
Additional Integrations
Clutch is a platform for integrating the tools engineers use on a consistent basis.

Safety Features

Two-phase Approval
Sensitive actions should require a '+1' from another operator before executing to ensure correctness.
Rate Limiting
Ensure destructive actions are not performed too frequently.
Challenge Modals
Require additional confirmation for potentially risky actions.

Alert Handling

Append links to workflows or metadata from Clutch integrations onto alerts.
Automatically execute a scripted runbook in response to an alert.

Envoy Capabilities

Clutch ❤️ Envoy. The project was modeled after Envoy and inspired by its success. We are investing significantly in Envoy functionality in the near future.

Config Dump Diff
Select two Envoys and diff their configuration remotely.
Real-time Stats Viewer
Drop a probe on an Envoy for per-second stats visualization.
Tap Interface
Tap an Envoy with the filter enabled so that it dumps all requests and response information to your screen.
Runtime Manager
Envoy has a runtime system that enables dynamic reconfiguration. It needs a UI.
Route Manager
Envoy routing tables can be extremely complex.
Config Generator
Need SNI configuration for a remote host? Generate it and other complex configurations with a guided interface.


We're excited to hear from you. Visit the Community page for ways to contact the Clutch team and share your ideas.