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Tailor Your Slack Audit Sink Messages

Imagine being on call for a service and getting paged for high CPU but not knowing why. Traffic hasn't increased and no recent deployments have happened. However, through the Clutch Slack sink, you can see in Slack that a teammate resized your service’s HPA/ASG. Visibility into infrastructure changes is a top level concern for Clutch, which is why the Slack sink is one of the out-of-the-box features.

Great Design is Transparent

Design is one of those things that is tricky but imperative to get right. While this may seem obvious, creating and implementing a great design is much harder than you might think.

Announcing Clutch

Today we are excited to announce the open-source availability of Clutch, Lyft’s extensible UI and API platform for infrastructure tooling. Clutch empowers engineering teams to build, run, and maintain user-friendly workflows that also incorporate domain-specific safety mechanisms and access controls.